The Story Continues: Present Day

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  • Owen Marrett

How The Home Changes

The subjects of these posts are relative to ongoing circumstances and are items that pop up in every day life. One such topic that was recently discussed is an unexpected or unthought-of change that occurs as treatment carries out.

The layout of your home.

It only occurred to me when talking to a friend who had similar outcomes with cancer. They described how there was a specific square table in their living room dedicated to the many varying types of medication needed at required times of the day. It was there for ease of access where their mother had trouble climbing stairs. It made me think of our own changes to help with ease of life, and that our homes were different than normal. In our home, we have two bathrooms on different floors. I remember my father was worried about germs and my mother’s lowered immune system, so he changed it where the lower room became just hers to use. Alongside cleaning routines and hand wash bottles being dotted around, there was even a sign for visitors to see. I believe that even though there are changes and differences between our homes because of cancer, it is nothing to hide or feel odd about. It feels good that we provide these smaller details and thoughts to help in the minor ways; those we love stick together through thick and thin.

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