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When talking about someone who has cancer anonymously, what is the best way to refer to them?


I decided to open this blog with a lesser known question.

This thought arose whilst writing the first drafts for Hand In The dark. Although the book follows the last two years of my family’s life, I mix rhetorical concepts amongst the events so they can be applied in anyones shoes.

But when referring to my Mother anonymously, I began to wonder what the best name for her could be - the Patient? Are they a Victim? Sufferer?

My reasoning was torn between one descriptive sounding too sympathetic, whilst the other seeming too distant. I asked several friends and family and each gave different views. My Mother leant more towards sufferer rather than patient as it introduced a level of disassociation. “Not patient, I am still me”.


Although in writing HITD it remains a tricky task, my friends suggested that in the day to day examples it would be best to address the elephant in the room and ask personally how they felt. 


What are your thoughts on this? Whether you have Cancer yourself, are close to someone who does, or are even just observing from afar, email and get involved today.

The Story Continues: Present Day

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January 27th, 2020